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Subscription Japanese Puzzles

It is possible to download every two months a series of 60 new
Japanese Puzzles you can play with our program.

These nice Japanese Puzzles are made by the creative sisters
Marjolein and Pauline Wiersma.

For one year Japanese Puzzles the subscription-price is only
Euro 11,-
for which not only you, but also your housmates / family will have
a lot of puzzle-fun.
This is because the same puzzles can be solved by different players,
who can also play a contest to see who can solve the puzzles the fastest
and with the highest score: the program constructs a TOP-10 of every puzzle!
You can take a subscription by depositing Euro 11,- on the next bank-account:
ING 8532073 E.M. Wiersma, Groningen, The Netherlands
       ( from outside NL: IBAN NL63INGB0008532073 BIC INGBNL2A )
with the remark: JP + your email addres,
and by filling in your data in the form below.

Please fill in all the fields for correct handling.
We don't need to know your exact home-address,
because the handling runs completely through Internet!
        first name: *
          surname: *
           zipcode: *
town & country: *
               email: *
                           to be able to send you the download access-code!
             period: 12 months (Euro 11,-)

Your privacy is save with us: T&O has been registered by Dutch Law Person-Registration P-0016949
After receiving the subscription-fee, we will send you by email your access-code
which you can use to download every odd month (January, March, etc)
a new PuzzlePacket with 60 new Japanese Puzzles with different sizes.
Your subscription starts the first odd month after you received your code.

Mind you: your subscription is NOT automatically renewed.
We will send you an email after the last PuzzlePacket with the question
whether you want to renew your subscription by depositing again the
subscription-fee for the next period.

by T&O Software