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if you have a question about the T&O Japanese Puzzles program
Download T&O Japanese Puzzles program.

Download instjpuk.exe (1.5 MB)

You can download for free the T&O Japanese Puzzles program.
The program contains a number of Japanese Puzzles of different sizes.

After installing the program you can solve the Japanese Puzzles
without the need to stay online with the internet.

If you would like to solve on a regular basis a lot more Japanese Puzzles
with our program, you can take a subscription.
For more information about the subscription, please click the button
with 'member' on the left side of the window.

From this page you can download the program.

The program runs under Windows:

The next file will be downloaded to your computer: instjpuk.exe.

You can download this to the default place where you download
all your stuff (e.g. C:\download). After that you can doubleclick
the installation-program instjpuk.exe to start to installation
We advize you to install T&O Japanese Puzzles in the default folder
on C:\Program Files, because it will be more simple later to download
new Japanese Puzzles.
Please close all other running programs during the installation procedure.

Download instjpuk.exe (1.5 MB)

Error-message during installation?

Here we give some clues which can be used if you would see
an error-message after starting instjpuk.exe (which could occur
under some Windows setups).
instjpuk.exe is a WinZip files that extracts itself on your computer as first step.
When you have installed the program WinZip on your computer,
it's also possible to open instjpuk.exe in WinZip.
In instjpuk.exe are the files of the installation-program
of T&O Japanese Puzzles. That is the well-known installation-program
InstallShield that installs T&O Japanese Puzzles and that is also used to remove
T&O Japanese Puzzles the default way you remove most programs (using
'Add or Remove Programs' on the Windows 'Control Panel').

When you encounter an error-message during installation, and you have
WinZip on your computer, you could use WinZip to extract the files in
instjpuk.exe to a temporary folder, e.g. C:\TEMP.
After that you can close instjpuk.exe and other programs
and start the Setup.exe program in the temporary directory C:\TEMP.
InstallShield will now install T&O Japanese Puzzles.

If you don't have WinZip and/or still have problems during installation,
please check the next points step by step:

- did you put the downloaded package instjpuk.exe in a special folder
on your computer? (e.g. C:\download - it's always convenient to have a
separate folder for the programs you download from internet - every now
and then you can burn the contents of C:\download on a CD or DVD
so you don't need to regain those programs from internet when you
want to install the programs again or on another computer)

- did you start the installation-program instjpuk.exe in that separate
folder on your computer? (sometimes there is an error-message if
the program is opened from the download-window - in that case first
close the download-window and start instjpuk.exe in e.g. C:\download)
- did you close down all other active programs before starting instjpuk.exe?
(sometimes a running program interferes with the installation-procedure,
e.g. while Windows is registering the installed program so it can be started
from the program-list and from the desktop)
- do you have enough space on the drive (C:\) where you install the program?
(T&O Japanese Puzzles asks for 2 MB of space. While installing you should
take into account the extra space that is needed for the temporary files
during installation - taking around the same 2 MB, which files will be removed
again after the installation procedure has been completed)

- if all these previous points have been checked and are ok,
you could restart your computer, don't open any other programs,
but as first step doubleclick instjpuk.exe to install T&O Japanese Puzzles.

by T&O Software